Mini N°4

About Me


I’ve been painting for more thac 40 years  and this is what my painting is about :


Color, vibrant color, beauty, creation, expression, conception, work, imagination, observing, joy, transformation, history, culture, invention, freedom, repetition, going beyond the limtes, trying, technique, exploring, constraint, learning, disappointment, frustration, honesty, idealisation,  imperfection, gratification, gratuity, fixing, recognition, reward, subject, truth, authenticity, criticism, disagreement, conflict, opposition, humor, concentration, time, disappearance, money, involvement, exclusion, isolation, avoidance, courage, risk, intimate, value, judgment, hope, sublime, public, confrontation, perception, statement, vision, exposure, skin, hesitation, decision, confuson, gift, thought, mirroring, doubt, looking, hearing, idea, unique, singular, inspiration, copy, interpretation, fear, pride, shame, requirement, cruelty, envy, effort, tiredness, despair, encouragement, resource, surprise, alternation, complementarity, balance, best, competition, emptiness, shadow, depth, light, noise, waiting, staring, speed, completeness, choice, destination, darkness, distance, detachment, separation, compensation, loss, regret, playing, laughing, preserving, goodness, complexity, pain, quantity, enumeration, economy, measure, precision, fuzziness, linking, limiting, warmth, emotion, silence, simplicity, possibility, pleasure, unfinished, mastery, letting go……

Well it has to do with life.


I hope you love my paintings as much as I love making them….


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